Kristi, est. 1983

I’m an Asheville, NC native who moved to the big city for college ten years ago.  And when I say “the big city” I really mean the bigger-than-Asheville city of Raleigh, NC.  During college I fell in love with Raleigh and with a guy, so I decided to stick around after graduation.  I graduated NCSU with a degree in Social Work and soon after started working for a nonprofit organization that serves people in need.  Three years ago I married the same guy mentioned above.  He’s kind of a big deal and together we make a kick-ass team.  Since getting hitched we’ve lived in a suburb of Raleigh in a house he bought on his own, but in August we’ll be moving to a new house that we’ve picked out together.

Can’t get enough of the About Me section???  Hooked already?  Need more??? Don’t worry, it’s not over yet!  Keep reading to learn more.  I know the title is a bit confusing, but it will make sense once you start reading.

Things I am/Things I am Not

I am: silly, sarcastic, married, a social worker, a tv junkie, a gossip magazine reader, a cat-lover, a homeowner, reliable, loyal, a friend, a best friend, a sister, a Wolfpack fan, an Asheville native, a Raleigh resident, creative-ish, self-conscious, a Terrific Kid (1989-1993)

I am not: serious, conservative, a parent, formal, fancy, a designer, an artist, a Tarheel fan, a marathon runner, a great cook (but I try anyway), snobby,  a hipster


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