Our First Home

I love the house where my husband and I have spent our first three years of marriage.  It’s in a great neighborhood, has a big private back yard, and we’ve spent a lot of time making it just how we want it.  Unfortunately, the location of the house is a little far from the city.  Restaurant options are limited, friends are far away, and my husband’s job is even further away.  We decided to put our house on the market in April and in a little less than two months we accepted an offer.   Since I started packing things up before I thought to take pictures, I had to steal some pictures from realtor.com that were taken by our agent.

View from the street:

When Hunter first bought this house the front yard was a disaster.  In a neighborhood full of manicured lawns, our’s definitely stood out in a bad way.  We tried so many times to grow grass, but it would always die.  So last summer we finally bit the bullet and hired a professional landscaper.  I wish I had a before picture to share, because the difference was like night and day.  We loved the outcome!


Living Room:

Not much was done in this room…just painting the walls and updating the ceiling fan.


Dining Room:

This room did not resemble a dining room when we first moved in.  It had ugly green walls and didn’t even have a light fixture.  So we warmed the room up with paint, lighting, curtains, and an area rug.



Here we replaced the old florescent light fixture with track lighting, added pendent lights over the sink, and painted.  We also replaced an old stove top with a new range.  The previous owners had a stove top where the range is with cabinets underneath.  The oven was located in an area that was really more the dining room than the kitchen.  It was an old white oven that was barely big enough for a Thanksgiving turkey, so we decided it should be replaced.  Once we got the new range, the old oven stopped working, so we were left with non-working, eyesore of an oven between the dining room and the kitchen.


Here’s what we did with that space:

Ignore the ugly dark grout.  I took care of that after the picture was taken.  The oven used to be in the spot where the bottom two shelves are.  The kitchen is on the other side of the pantry.

We added a shelf and some beadboard for a little character.  Not only is the space more pleasing to the eye, but it adds quite a bit of storage.  We were pleased with the finished product!


Master Bedroom:

Not many changes were made in this room…just some paint and a new ceiling fan.


Master Bathroom:

This room has had quite a few changes– We replaced the counter tops, sinks, faucets, mirror, and light fixtures.  It was quite a transformation considering that the old counter tops were teal laminate.


Guest Bedroom:

We painted the guest bedroom and of course, switched out the ugly old ceiling fan.  This room used to consist of several different mismatched pieces of furniture, so we painted it all white for a more cohesive look.



You’ll never guess what we did to this room.  We painted it and switched out the ceiling fan!!!  Pretty shocking, I know.


Last, but not least, the Backyard:


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