I’m Baaaaack!

25 Aug

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated this thing.  That’s probably because we’ve had a thing or two going on.  First we packed up our house and made a hundred trips to the new house to move some belongings into the garage before closing.  Then we loaded all of our furniture into a “UNIT” which is just like a POD, and cleaned the crap out of our old house.  Then we signed a bunch of papers, so that we could move all that junk up to our new house.  Then we had Hunter’s parents over to help us unload it all.  Then we had my parents over to visit and see the new place (lucky for them there was nothing left to unload).  Then we went furniture shopping and picked out a new kitchen table and some furniture for the den/family room.  Then we sat around talking about how much we hate Time Warner for making us wait over a week to install cable and internet.  Then I went to Sherwin Williams to pick out some paint colors.  Then I started painting the trim in our bedroom.

Man, moving is a bitch and so is painting trim.  More on that later.

Time Warner is at our house as I type setting us up with cable and internet.  Unfortunately, this house only has one cable outlet and it is in the room that still has no furniture.  It’ll probably only be another six months before they’re able to come back out and install additional outlets.  And they’ll probably only charge us about $5,000 to do that.  I hate Time Warner.



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