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Staining Grout

29 Jul

The majority of floors in our home is laminate wood.  Not really my favorite flooring, but it beats carpet and I love the durability of it.  The dining room however, is tile.  The tile itself doesn’t look too bad, but the grout is too dark.  Not to mention that the previous owners laid the tile and must have taken some short cuts, because several of the tiles are cracked and the grout has cracked and crumbled in spots.

When our house was on the market, I decided it was finally time to find a remedy to a floor that’s been bothering me since day one.  Really I only had intentions of filling in the spots where grout had crumbled, but once I got to Lowes and started looking around, I found that there were a lot more options.  I started with some grout mix in a color called “biscuit.”  I knew that the new grout wouldn’t match the old ugly grout, so I also picked up some grout stain in the same color.  Who knew they made stain for grout?  I sure didn’t.  I went home and got to work.  It took no time at all!  I also camouflaged the cracks in the tile with grout stain and it turned out pretty well.  See for yourself…




The whole process was so easy…I wish I had done it a long time ago.  It only took a few hours to do the whole room.  I can’t wait to do little projects like this one in the new house 🙂 .


Current house and future house

19 Jul

I have intentions of sharing more house pictures in the near future, but for now I’m going to tease you with an exterior shot of each.  Here’s the house we’re living in now:

And now for the new house…feast your eyes on this bad boy:

Don’t you just love all the trees?  I do.  Interior pictures coming soon!

Moving is expensive and so is my chai latte habit.

15 Jul

In one month and two days we’ll be handing our keys off to our home’s new owners.  Over the past few years, we’ve put a lot of money into our house–bathroom counter tops, light fixtures, landscaping, paint, appliances, etc.  We really thought that once we got an offer we’d be finished shelling out money on that house, but then comes the inspection, which then leads to a request for a termite report, which then leads to $1000 towards termite treatment in a house we won’t even be living in anymore.  That doesn’t even include the $125 fee for the report itself.  Spending that much money just to keep a buyer from walking away is pretty painful, but it will all be worth it once we have the keys to our new place.

Spending all this money has made me realize just how much money I waste on other things, such as coffee.  I had imagined that I probably waste about $30 a month on these expensive drinks (specifically, vanilla chai lattes), so this morning I decided to go over my bank statement to figure out just how much I’m wasting.  Talk about a reality check.  Since June 15th, I’ve spent $49.30 on coffee, chai lattes, and other liquid pick-me-ups.  Yikes.  I also treated myself to three pedicures in the past month.  Seriously, the pedicures and lattes have got to stop.  So between now and August 15th (two days before closing), I’m challenging myself to spend $20 or less on coffee/tea and to do my own toes and exfoliation.  We’ll see how it goes.

Speaking of challenges….I’m still trying to figure out how this whole blog thing works, which includes uploading pictures and such.  Hopefully this thing will have a bit more personality in the near future.

And the blogging begins…….now!

12 Jul

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog lately, but have had some major concerns about it, which I will list.

1) What if no one reads it?

2) Does this make me a narcissist?

3) What the heck do I have to blog about?  What I watched on tv last night? What I’m fixing for dinner?  My cat’s most recent trick?  Not exactly the kind of topics that draw a reader in.

So I talked to a friend about it, and she was very encouraging.  She actually had an answer to all of my concerns, which I will explain in list form.

1) She will read it.  I know that regardless of the lack of comments, followers, or feedback, I will have at least one reader.  I will however, write as though I have a huge following.  Beginning on my second post.  (Imagine a big empty theater with the performer there just for you, except instead of a performer there’s just a girl standing up there talking about herself.  Enticed yet?)

2) Yes it is slightly narcissistic to want people to read what you write, see what you’re doing and know what’s going on in your life, but that’s the same for all social networking outlets and it hasn’t stopped me from having a facebook page.

3) It just so happens that I do have something kinda big going on in my life.  After three years of living in the house my husband bought before we were married (which is a wonderful home, but a little too far from civilization) we’re finally moving to a house that we both picked out!  What’s more original than blogging about a new house that you’re transforming into a home?  What?  That’s been done a million times?  Well now it’s being done a million and one times…bitches.

And scene.

Stay tuned for blog post # 2.